HANACI – the Society of Natives and Supporters of Haná Region

How We Have Been Doing in the Last Decade

First thing we needed to do after establishing the independent Prague Haná Club in 1991 was to find a way, how to get regional Haná costumes which belonged to the KDP (Culture Centre) Praha 1. We decided to buy them and managed to do this in relatively short time. From that time we have been equipped by costumes from different parts of Haná region (only man yellow trousers from Vyškov area are missing).

Next thing was to find appropriate place for preparing of our dance performances. We started to “travel” around Prague. From the place near Prague Castle to a kindergarten hall in Modřany, then back to the centre of the capital to the gymnasium of Sokol organisation and finally we found the gymnasium of Music Secondary School in Prague-Žižkov. There we have been staying so long.

In early 90s we were very enthusiastic about a new atmosphere in our country. It was specially seen in Prague. A lot of foreigners came to visit our capital and we were pleased to show them some of our dance performances even on streets. Naturally it was demanding, not from the physical point of view only, but specially for the necessity to maintain our regional costumes much more often than before. Anyway – we danced on Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, Little Quarter Square and even on the famous Charles Bridge.

Then we renewed our relations with our friends in Moravia and we used to travel to Vyškov, Kralice, Olomouc, Prostějov and Velká Bystřice. We participated at several Haná Festivals both as visitors and the active dance group. Last opportunity was Haná Festival in Prostějov in Autumn 2000.

We co-operate with another two Prague folklore groups which deal with Moravian dances and music – Slovácký (South-East Moravia Region) and Valašský (East Moravia Region). We have been preparing so called Moravský ples (Moravian Ball) which is the most famous folklore event in Prague and takes place every February.

Our activity does not consist of dancing and singing only. We are opened to another activities like e.g. common tourist trips around Prague. At such events we have time enough to discuss all needed topics including the image of our web pages. If you haestions about us feel free to contact us.