History of Prague Haná Club - What Are We Like

It is not easy to write about a history of Prague Haná Club. There is no more a chronicle there which was managed by Mr. and Mrs. Pelíšek when they were leading a dance group of the Club.

hana regional costumes

It was unfortunately lost after their death.

People say the origin of every true Prague citizen is Moravian. It has to be like that because a lot of Praguers have had at least relatives in Moravia. Experts of Haná folklore have known that in Prague there was a club dealing with Haná matters many years ago, somewhere between 19th and 20th century.

That time Praguers born in Haná region used to become members of MORAVA Club. It was very strong body with a large influence in Prague culture environment. It had even full time office in the very centre of the capital – in Železná street.

Since 1946 Mrs. Anežka Pelišková, born in Moravian town Přerov, had strong influence to an image of Haná folklore dance group. She prepared a lot of dance performaces in a pure Haná-region style. She liked co-operation with her friend Ludmila Mátlová-Uová and took an inspiration from her books about Haná dances.

invitation In 1949 the activity of MORAVA Club was violently interrupted due to political changes. First it was put under a roof of Tesla Karlín cultural centre and after one decade completely cancelled.

In 1970 Pragers born in Haná region founded a new body – Haná Club – and restored the activity of Haná dance group under a patronage of OKD Prague 1 (District Cultural Centre). It was again Mrs. Anežka Pelíšková who stood at the beginning togethr with rs. Jana Berdychová, professor at Faculty of PE and Sports Charles University Prague. Their activities were focused on learning Haná dances and performances of them at different events. They used to show them in traditional regional costumes.

Top event of every year has been so called Moravský ples (Moravian Ball). It has been prepared by three folklore groups acting in the capital – Slovácký (South-East Moravian Club), Valašský (Valachian Club) a Hanácký (Haná Club). This event is famous through a presence of excellent folklore music groups and lots of people wearing traditional richly decorated regional costumes.

In 70ies and 80ies members of the Prague Haná Club often performed their dances in Moravia – in Troubky nad Bečvou, Prostějov, Kroměříž and Vyškov. They visited twice German Democratic Republic and co-operated during recording of two Czech movies, as well.

In early 80ies Anežka Pelišková gave leadership in Prague Haná Club to Mr. Miroslav Konečný who has led it so long.

Dance performances of Prague Haná Club are being accompanied by folklore music groups – either live or played-back from a tape (CD).

In 1991, two years after worldwide known political changes, a big landmark has arisen in the activity of Prague Haná Club. The activity of Cultural Centre OKD Prague 1 collapsed and members of Club started to take care about their destiny themselves. They founded an association/club with very long official name : ”Hanáci – the association of Natives of Haná and Friends of Haná Region in Prague”.

The interest about folklore dances is still relatively high, both among people interested to learn and perform them and those who like to watch them and listen to the folklore music.

To promote the activities of Prague Haná Club we established the web-site you just look at. If you want to learn more about us do not hesitate and contact us at e-mail address or phone number.

About our costumes :
They originate from different parts of Haná region, which is situated in Central Moravia. They have typical features of region around towns like : Přerov, Kojetín, Kroměř힨and Prostějov.

Sometimes is relatively complicated to maintain all parts of our regional costumes. They are old – most of them from the beginning of 20th century - and actual originals. That is why we have to be very careful about them. For example – we cannot perform our dances when raining.

Miroslav Konečný (Translated by Jaroslav Koukal)