Haná Region

Haná Region can be found in the middle of Moravia. It consists of ethnographic areas around towns like (from West to East and South) Litovel, Olomouc, Zábřeh, Prostějov, Přerov, Hulín, Kojetín, Kroměříž, Vyškov. So called Malá Haná Region with towns Boskovice, Jevíčko and Konice belongs to the whole Haná, as well.

Hana region

Haná Region is taken as one of the most important and richest areas from the point of view of folklore. People living there are proud about a folklore heritage and traditions, too.

The only thing that is unfortunately fading away is the special Haná dialect. It sounds unusually even for native Czechs, but due to TV programmes and other influences children like ”Prague dialect” more. But there is one big hope on th horizon – Language Course of Haná Dialect, created by Mr. Libor Smital from Olomouc. It is reachable from our web page, too. Try and taste it.

the oldiest map of hana